Have you heard about the work carried out to preserve the bear populations of the Cantabrian Mountain chain?

In the works of study and conservation of wild species, camera traps are commonly used  in order to understand the habits of the species under study (schedules, customs),  estimate the number of specimens, and even identify them individually when possible, to know other species that inhabit the area, or possible prey …

The brown bear is a species from which individuals can be identified individually by features such as color, distinctive necklaces, size … and this helps among other things to be able to track them, know where they move, etc.

FAPAS makes even photographic journals in which we can see different bears photographed in their day to day, without interruptions of any kind, which makes these records very interesting.

With these cameras you can also record videos in which we can see them doing daily activities alone, or they can even surprise us with images of some female with their offspring. Would you like to know more?

Enter the links you have below and you can see images and videos of the Cantabrian Mountains Bears:

IMAGES: https://www.fapas.es/galerias/seccion/proyecto-osos

VIDEOS: https://www.fapas.es/videos/seccion/proyecto-osos